About Daika New York

The main force behind Daika New York is the two-person team of craftsman DAIKA, and executive manager / designer Mai Kano. Together they product and distribute made-to-order bags, sandals, and other accessories with a careful focus on quality workmanship and sensitivity to customer needs.

Born in Japan, DAIKA came to the United States in pursuit of his dream to become an independent leather craftsman and create his own brand. While working at a well-established leathercraft company DAIKA caught the eye of a buyer for Ralph Lauren Vintage, who quickly contracted him to make special sandals for RRL. DAIKA and Ralph Lauren's relationship still continues to this day, as he produces vintage accessories, display items, and undertakes Executive Customer orders for them.

Eventually, DAIKA met Mai Kano, and sensing a common spirit the two founded Daika New York as an artist collective, which was later corporatized under Mai Kano's skilled management. At first, Daika New York was attending the designers markets in NYC. In February of 2013, after two years of intense preparation, they opened their first storefront in Manhattan, in the Noho district (Lafayette St. between Bleecker St. and Bond St.)

The next challenge for Daika New York is to collaborate with highly creative artists who can cross the boundaries of their own work and attain new influences.
Daika New York maintains a special focus on exotic leathers, specifically snake skin, python, crocodile, and calf skin. While some manufacturers use cheaper skins for less visible portions and reserve exotic leathers only for the exterior of bags and other accessories, Daika New York shows the utmost attention to detail and uses high quality materials throughout.

Daika New York prides itself on its custom, made-to-order bags. The process starts with one of a number of basic designs, all of which achieve lightness and simplicity, blended with a stylish functionality for the discerning customer. Next, the customer is able to choose from a myriad of options for both the outer and lining leather, resulting in over 15,000 different possible combinations. From there, the craftsman produces the bag, working carefully with the customer every step of the way, resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind product.
The Daika Sandal

We wish our customers to be able to approach the future step by step.

The Daika Sandal was born from the desire to create a fusion of Japanese and Western culture. Japanese culture has long been influenced by the ocean, while Western culture is a strong embodiment of the land. A central motif in the visual aspect of the sandals are ocean waves, long believed in Japan to bring happiness to people; while the main material used is leather, a product of careful cultivation of rich, fertile land by the West. As the traditional Japanese sandal, the "zori," is made from straw, by purposely selecting leather, a material that is not familiar in traditional Japanese culture, the design harmoniously melds eastern and western traditions, form with functionality.
Daika meets Doug Bihlmaier at Ralph Lauren headquarters
Doug Bihlmaier with our Gen Bag